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EDI Solutions

ediNetPartnership is your EDI department without all the headaches. STS will receive and process all your EDI documents and interface the documents directly into Oak Street. Then, STS will process data from Oak Street and translate it into EDI and then forward it on to your trading partners.

Stand-Alone EDI system
If you do not have Oak Street, STS can still help. STS provides a client that allows you to interface your existing inventory files via ODBC or text into EDI. From here, you can gain all the advantages of the ediNetPartnership without the need for Oak Street.
Advantages of STS EDI
惹end data via the internet

愛eceive data via the internet

嫂utomatically import data into Oak Street (Requires Oak Street) without any additional manpower (Message from ISS)

意o worry about finding qualified high priced technical personnel

意o worry about equipment or system failures

意o worry about key skilled employees leaving

感rint UCC128 Labels View Label Options

愚ost of all save time and money