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ISS/STS Alliance    Latest ISS News Letter

Dear Oak Street user:

Having a reliable and practical EDI solution has been a requirement for many of you who work with large retailers. In the past when we've been contacted regarding this requirement, we have responded with a list of EDI Solution providers.

After having worked with a number of companies over the years who have created and marketed EDI solutions as an interface between the retailer and Oak Street, we are now recommending just one provider: Stewart Technical Services.

- For over 20 years Blaize Stewart (of Stewart Technical Services) has been involved in developing technological solutions at a number of businesses including three who have developed EDI/Oak Street interfaces.

- Blaize has continually demonstrated his unwavering commitment to excellence in support of the customers he serves. He has shown time and again that he will go out of his way to do what's humanly possible to get the customer up and running.

- Because of his direct customer contact over the years, he's in the best position to help you decide whether `in-house' or `service bureau' processing would be best for you.

- He has developed solutions to interface Oak Street with almost any EDI solutions provider.

- He constantly monitors changes we make to Oak Street to ensure that his solutions remain compatible with our changes.

- We are familiar with his EDI programming, and we highly respect the technology he has developed.

- The entire staff at Stewart Technical Services consistently demonstrates the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction upon which the company was founded.


For all these reasons, we have decided to exclusively recommend Stewart Technical Services as our preferred EDI solution provider. Our advice is based on years of experience with EDI products from both Blaize and other suppliers.

If you think that you might need an EDI solution, please call us at Industrious Software so that we can evaluate your requirements, and, when appropriate, put you in touch with Blaize at Stewart Technical Services.

Thank you.

Stephen Ryza, President
Industrious Software